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Below you will find this weeks schedule for Archery and Hunter Safety:


 Tuesday March 2, 2021: Continue shooting at 10m


MN- Research paper. Paragraph 1: Origin of Archery. Paragraph 2: Archery in ancient times vs. now. Paragraph 3: What has Archery taught you? Example: Patience. All paragraphs should be 5-7 sentences. Remember to copy and paste the URL for your source. 


Thursday March 4, 2021: Continue Shooting at 10m


Hunter Safety:


Tuesday March 2, 2021: Begin research project


JS- Whitetail Deer


KB- Coyote


YS- Turkey



*Cartridge you are going to use

*How big animals vitals are

*What grain? 

*Overall average weather

*When are you going/What time of year

*How big the animal is


Thursday March 4, 2021: Continue reviewing