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Dear Parents,

We have a field trip coming up on January 22 to the Blue Springs School of Economics. This is a fun place where students get real life experience with economics. They will be in charge of running a mini town, earning an income, and learning about spending money. In order for the experience to be successful they need the help of 4 parent volunteers who are willing to participate in the experience. You would be required to arrive at the place by 10:45 just 15 minutes before the students to receive training on your "jobs" so you can assist them. Volunteers will not be assigned jobs with your child but you will still have the opportunity to interact with them and see them in action. If interested I will send you a paper to sign that contains more details. Jobs assigned to our group of students are:

1 Estimating Jar Volunteer

1 Lollipop Tree Volunteer

2 Ring Toss Volunteer

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please let me know if you are interested as soon as possible so we can submit our paperwork prior to the field trip. 

*The students will be learning economic terms, adding money, and earning a wage prior to the field trip.


This week we will continue the Christmas theme in all our subjects except for Science. In Science the students will be creating an amusement park using simple machines. 

Friday's theme will be: "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Students may wear pajamas to school on Friday. (No house shoes please!) The students will be playing board games and we will have a birthday party for Jesus. 

When we return in January, I have made a general list of objectives that we will be working on.

* 2nd Grade will master addition and subtraction facts through 15. They will also be introduced to multiplication.

* 3rd Grade will master multiplication facts and then we will move on to division.

* We will be writing more stories using the "Writing Process".

* Students will write in complete sentences using correct punctuation.

* 2nd Grade will begin writing in cursive.

* I will encourage all students to take pride in their work and turn in work that displays their very best work.

** I will still let you know specific subject objectives through a weekly newsletter.

May each and every one of you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful group of kids and allowed me to get back into what I love --- teaching. I look forward to the rest of the school year and witnessing the growth of each student.

May God Bless You!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!