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Hello everyone!  I hope this finds you safe and healthy.  This is it - the last week of new activities!  Parents, I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work in your child's education.  I appreciate you so much!

Please make sure you read the OSCA 2020-2021 Operations Plan on the school's website. Please contact the administrators if you questions or concerns. 

 I will be hosting a ZOOM meeting Thursday at 11 on adding and subtracting fractions.  I will extend the invite to all 5th Graders.  This is NOT mandatory but want to offer to any student who needs extra support. 


5th/ 6th Grade



Religion (1 hour) Full of Self-Control

1. Look up 1 Peter 2:19-25 and read it. Draw picture of what it means.

2. SONG: “Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest” – Listen to it. Write down what you think it means.

3. Concentrate on verse 1 Peter 2:23. What does reviled or revile mean? What does entrusting mean? Why do you think this verse is our focus this week?

4. What do you think when you see stop sign when in a car? What did the driver actually do? What do you think when you see stop sign when on a bike? What did you actually do?

5. What do you do when someone tells you to use self-control? Think of 2 situations where someone told you to use self-control. How did you feel?

6. If your mother says, “No snacks before supper,” and you see a candy bar or cookie, what do you do? If your teacher says to stop talking in class, what do you do? There is no sign that suddenly pops out and tells us to stop. We stop because we know we should obey our parents and teachers. We stop because we know it is the right response to God’s commands. When we stop, we are showing self-control.

7.. Name 2 situations where you showed self-control.

8. Make a prayer request for each day and explain the reason for each. Ask your family members if they have any prayer requests you can include in your prayer.

9. Write your own prayer for this week and pray it on Thursday. You will want to add to it as the week goes on.

10. End this session with a prayer.

Math (1 hour)

1.     For 15 minutes warmup, play any game using fractions. SplashLearn and Cool Math 4Kids have great games.

2.     Complete  the 2 worksheets Subtract unlike Fractions. Make sure you reduce to lowest terms. Show all your work.



Social Studies (45 min)

1.     Watch video about Gettysburg address. Authentic pictures shown.

2.      Write a sentence about why each of these people were important during the Civil War.

Eli Whitney         Frederick Douglass

Ulysses S. Grant     Clara Barton

Booker T. Washington        Robert E. Lee

Reading/ LA (45 min)

5th Grade

1.     Answer the questions on pg. 202 about The Fear Place

2.    In English book, pg. 188/189, There are 3 ways to use commas in a sentence

-       After a person’s name you are writing about

-       In a series of 3 or more items

-       After an introductory word such as yes, well, no

3.    Do #1-15. Write the word that the comma will follow

Ex. #1 No, play,

6th Grade

1.     In English book, go to pg.206/207. #1-14.

2.    Read Chaps.15and 16 of Bud, Not Buddy.

3.    Complete Bud, Not Buddy Word Search.

Friday hand-in

Activities from Tuesday


Reading/ LA (1 hour)

5th Grade

1.     Read out loud for 10 minutes to someone or maybe your pet.

2.    Complete Identifying Theme worksheet

English – 1. Watch this video about interjections

3.    Complete pg. 192/193 Interjections. Do #1-14.

6th Grade

1.     Read Chap. 17

Chapter 13 and 14 Comprehension Questions
1. How do you think Herman E. Calloway and Jimmy feel when they hear Bud’s announcement?
2. How do you think Bud feels when Jimmy invites him to come to the Sweet Pea to eat? What makes you say that?
3. Why does Jimmy continue to tease Bud?
4. Why do you think Bud begins to cry and cannot stop? What makes you say this?

Chapter 15 and 16 Comprehension Questions
1. Why does Herman E. Calloway call his house the Grand Calloway Station?
2. Why do you think that Herman E. Calloway doesn’t like Bud?
3. What does Bud consider more important, the suitcase or the items inside the suitcase? Why?
4. Describe how you think Bud feels when Steady Eddie gives him a recorder?
5. How do you think Bud likes the new name given to him by the band? Provide proof from the story to support your claim.







Math (45 min)

1.    Warm up for math with an activity you choose. Do it for 15 minutes

2.    Go to

for practicing word problems with fractions

3.    Create 2 word problems with solution. One each for adding and subtracting fractions

Friday hand-in

Activities from Wednesday


Religion (1 hour) Full of Self-control

1. Read 1 Peter 2:19-25 out loud to someone in your family. Show them your picture of the meaning.

 2. SONG: “Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest” - listen to it again.

3. Listen to a hymn or Christian song.

4. Think about situations this week where you displayed self-control. Was it easy? Yes or no, Why?

5.As the Holy Son of God, Jesus did everything perfectly for us. Our Bible reading from 1 Peter describes Jesus’ last hours. He was lied about, mocked, beaten, and finally nailed to the cross. Jesus experienced unimaginable pain. During all the punishment, Jesus never complained. Jesus never cursed those who hated Him and crucified Him. Our Bible reading said that He did not revile or threaten. Jesus showed self-control so that He might complete the payment for our salvation.

6.It can be hard to show self-control at times.  If someone hurts us with words or actions, we want to hurt back. If there is something that we’d like to take or do, it’s hard to stop. Our Old Adam(sinful nature) doesn’t want to stop. But we are reborn children of God in Jesus. We have the life of the risen Jesus in us. We have the Spirit who works self-control in us.

7. Name 2 situations that you want to concentrate in showing more self-control.

8. Review your prayer request list. Add any new requests.

9 Say the prayer you wrote about your prayer requests and requests given to you by family members.

Math (1 hour)

1.      Complete any activity you have not completed

2.      Warm up with a math game of your choice for 15 minutes.

3.      Complete Adding Mixed Numbers. Don’t forget fraction that has the numerator and denominator as the same number, it = 1


Social Studies (45 min)

I thought you might like to watch this sometime. This video is about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.


 Lesson today: Immigration

1.     In1870, the American population stood at 38 million, by 1916 the population grew to 100 million. Why did it grow so much? Watch the video ant give 3 facts from video.

Ask your parents which ethnic group your ancestors came from.

2.   Watch this video about Ellis Island. Give 3 facts you learned.


3.    The rest of your time explore any articles or videos that are about immigration in the late 1800s or your ancestors and how/when they came to America


Reading/ LA (45 min)

Writing – everyone

Write a thank you note to your parents and whomever else that has been helping you at home with school activities.


5th Grade

1.    Finish any activity you did not complete on Wednesday.


    READING – Complete Identifying Theme in Aesop’s Fables worksheet


6th Grade

Reading - Complete Identifying Aesop’s Fables worksheet

1.     Read Chap 18 and 19 of Bud, Not Buddy.

2.    Read a book of your choice.


Friday hand-in

Activities from Thursday


Reading/ LA (1 hour)

Writing – everyone

15 minutes of free writing. Your choice!


Grammar/Reading – 5th Grade

1.      Finish any activities from this week.

2.    In English book, go to pg. 194. Read about quotation marks.

Try this –

Place a piece of plastic wrap over this page and fold it under page to stay in place. Get a marker or dry erase marker. Mark punctuation for #1-4 on the plastic wrap.

3.    Finish by doing #5-22 on page 195.

4.    Read a book of your choice when finished. 

Grammar/Reading – 6th Grade

1.     Finish any activities from this week

2.    Finish Bud, Not Buddy

3.    If done, then read a book of your choice.


Science (time)




Band (time)



Math (45 min)

1.      Finish any math activity that is not completed.

2.     Going to do a review today – remember fractions to decimals?

5       = .5   Write it just like you say it. Any word with

          10                the th sound on the end is behind decimal.


3.     Complete Fraction to Decimal worksheet.

4.     If you have time, play a math game.