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2nd & 3rd Grade

****Mystery Doug Live will have a 20 min. program on Tuesday, April 7 at 12:00 


I just posted a time capsule activity that my students could do during this time. If you have time, it would be a neat thing to do and open it several years from now. We are definitely making history!


Remember to use your math textbook to help with math concepts.  

I apologize for the use of so many websites but unfortunately the students have not used textbooks before.  

I also post things on Smith's Smarties so you can check.

Mark Alford Fox 4 News will have a children's segment on each afternoon Monday-Friday at 3:00. 

I will post all the Zoom meetings on the chalkboard page from now on.


*** I forgot that next week (April 7-10) is Holy Week. Therefore, there will be no assignments posted for that week. There also will be no Zoom Meeting  on Wednesday. I will post the new assignments for April 14-17 next week.

I wish each and everyone a blessed Easter. Even though we may be celebrating different than usual, let us all remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Week Beginning: 30th  March Mrs. Smith’s Class





Devotion and Prayer Time



Google Search the video: Geometry: Lines and Angles Songs for Kids

(You will be using this video throughout the week.)

1.Watch Part 1 – 3-D Shapes

Look around the house for objects that are 3-D shapes

2. Watch Part 2 – Angles

Locate items around the house and identify the type of angles.


Independent Reading – 30 minutes






Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 22x05 Art part 5


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood 22x05 Art part 5


My 3rd and 4th graders are welcome to work on the Middle school lesson if they want. 



Computer Time:

This site is teaching you about coding/computer programming. This has many levels that you can complete. I know that you will be working on this all week. Check it out and we will visit about it tomorrow at our Zoom Meeting.


Science Experiment:

Cup Tower Challenge –

What is the tallest tower you can construct using plastic cups?


 Smith - PE

1.     Warm up exercises:  Jumping jacks, v stretch, side plank, lunges, neck roll, arm stretches

2.     Locomotor movements:  slide step, walk, run, gallop, skip, jump, leap. Perform these movements backwards.

3.     Cardio time:  2 minutes jump rope, 2 minutes jumping jacks, 2 minutes high knees, 2 minutes skier jumps, 2 minutes of slow marching in place, 1 minute of rest

4.     Using the alphabet, how many activity or sports words can you come up with?  Example:  A=Aerobics, B=Baseball, C=catching




Zoom Meeting




Video from yesterday – “Lines and Angles songs for Kids”

3. Watch types of lines

4. Area and perimeter


Find the perimeter of area of things around your house. What is the perimeter and area of your room?


Independent Reading – 30 minutes

If you have a printer, you can print out the activity.

If no printer, you can make your own letter cards



www.history for

Choose something that is interesting to you




 Devotion time and prayer time

Choose another scripture from ABC Verse. Study the verse and try to understand what it means and how you can apply it to your life.



Independent Reading



Scroll down to suffix lesson -write answers on paper, then scroll down to answer key to check your own work.



Geometry: Lines and Angles Songs for Kids

Watch Lesson 5 Camp Quadrilaterals

Use geoboard to make parallel, intersecting and perpendicular lines

Then watch Lesson 6 Types of Triangles

Use your geoboard to create a right, isosceles, and scalene triangles

Art Activity -pillow-box-tutorial



Continue working on

Scroll and choose “Tongue Twisters”




Same website as yesterday

Watch Lesson 7 on Volume

Look for items around the house that would have volume




Mystery Doug

Scroll to find, “Why do people from England sound different than people from America?”



Make the longest paper chain you can using a single piece of paper.