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Mrs Brenda Watkins Web Pages

Thank to everyone who helped with and/or donated items for Oktoberfest! I had so much fun seeing my students having a great time! I hope they enjoyed the gift I gave them! I am so looking forward to finding out who is baking cookies with me!

I want to apologize that I did not hand out report hands to all of the students. Thank you to Cynthia for asking me for yours! I will make sure everyone has theirs on Tuesday. Again, I am very sorry.

This upcoming week is packed with activities. Wednesday is our field trip to the School of Economics. On Tuesday, we will be completing projects for this fun time!

For Friday’s band period, Mr. Toma has arranged for some William Jewell College music students to play for the students. The WJC students will also help our class during their lesson with Mr. Toma. I graduated from William Jewell College and can’t wait to hear them again.

Curriculum this week:

Math – timed test and rounding

Writing – working on Introduction paragraph and taking notes for Christmas Around the World project

Spelling – none this week

Reading – strategies for sounding out unfamiliar words and Story Map

Social Studies – Economics trip and Canada’s history

Religion – Theme is Fully Revealed

Verse – Gen. 32:30B “For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life has been delivered.”

 Have a blessed week!