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 Thank you parents for supporting your child in our Christmas Around the World report and project!  We learned so much!   Whether you assisted your child in the research, helped in the writing, or helped in making a food, no matter what it was you did, YOUR support is powerful and a wonderful memory for your child. Thank you!  Thank you!

 Your child was fortunate to attend presentations given by foreign exchange students from Spain and Italy this week.  All of them are attending the Smithville School District. We were lucky to hear about their Christmas in their country also.

Find a Study Guide after the Religion verse for the Noun test this Wednesday.

We will have a classroom White Elephant gift exchange on Wednesday, Dec. 19.  This is not mandatory for your student to participate. Please do not purchase a gift for this.  Examples of gifts your child can bring in is a book they don't read anymore, a toy not used anymore, etc.  Last year my gift was a Dickey's BBQ cup, one mitten because I couldn't find it's mate, and a half used bottle of lotion.  The gift exchange is to be fun and lighthearted!  I also said students need to okay their item with their parents.  One year I had a student bring in an antique doll because no one was playing with it at her house.  No surprises for anyone!

Important dates 

Dec. 19- White Elephant gift exchange in classroom (not mandatory) 

Dec.19 - 2nd Qtr ends

Dec. 20-Jan 6, 2020 - Christmas Break

Tuesday, Jan.7 - 3rd Qtr starts 

Curriculum this week:

Math – multiplication and square roots

Writing –  review and test on Wednesday

Reading –  each reading group will have their own activities

Social Studies – Canadian history and finish unit

Religion – Theme is  Joy in the Desert

Verse – Isaiah 35:1B-2A "The desert shall rejoice and bloom like the crocus: it shall bloom abundantly

 and rejoice with joy and singing."

STUDY GUIDE - Noun test

Must know definitions of:

1. singular noun - one noun

2. plural noun - more than one noun

3. singular possessive noun - a noun that owns something

4. plural possessive noun - more than one noun that owns something

5. common noun - person, place, thing, or idea in general

6. proper noun - specific person, place, or thing (must capitalize first letter of each part of the name)

Ex.  Empire State Building, Valentine's Day 


 1. Nouns ending in f or fe - change the f or fe to v and add -es  Ex. calf - calves, life - lives

2. Nouns ending with a vowel and an o - add -s  Ex. radio - radios, studio - studios

3. Nouns ending with a consonant and o - add -s to some nouns and -es to others  Ex. solo-solos, tomato - tomatoes

4. Nouns that have special plural spellings - Ex. tooth - teeth,  foot - feet

5.  Nouns that remain the same in the singular and the plural  Ex. deer-deer, trout-trout

Making a Possessive Noun 

1. Singular noun - add 's  Ex. boy's, girl's

2. Plural noun - if plural noun ends in s then add just the apostrophe otherwise add 's  Ex. swimmers', men's

 Have a blessed weekend and upcoming week!