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Mrs. Calissa Holan Web Pages




Upcoming Events:  


January 23rd- K/1 class invited to sing a song during Our Savior Lutheran PC 11:00am service. Families invited to attend. 


National Lutheran Schools Week is Jan 25-28th We will be celebrating with some dress up days!


Tuesday-Creative day; dress as an artist/painter/crafter

Wednesday-Mismatch day

Thursday-Hat day

Friday-OSCA spirit wear day or royal blue day



Please be on the look out for boxtops as you do your shopping....The way boxtops work now has changed some from what it used to be. You no longer actually cut the box top off of the product packaging. Now, You just purchase items with boxtops and scan your receipt using an app. We have a parent who is willing to scan all your receipts if you don't want to mess with it! So please bring in your receipts and we can start earning some extra money for OSCA. 






Specials this year will be: *Don't forget to check specials chalkboards too*

Music -Wednesday

P.E.-Thursday (wear tennis shoes or you will lose participation points) 



*For Valentines Day-your student will work on making their valentines box (to collect their valentines from their friends) in Art class! Please send in a shoe box wrapped in wrapping paper, construction paper or something similar that your child can decorate in Art class! Thank you!* 


Class Wish List:

(if you are able to donate any of these items, we would appreciate it! Thank you!)


Baby Wipes

Post-It notes

Black Sharpies  

snacks for kids who forget their snack  




 Tuesday/Thursday morning: Math

Wednesday/Friday morning: Writing Practice

Tuesday/Thursday afternoon: Independent reading

Wednesday/Friday afternoon: read aloud  



Lesson Topics for the Week of 1/25-1/28


Kindergarten Science:  

Ants, and Rocks    


First Grade Science:

Magnetic Compass and Rocks 


Second Grade Science:

magnet experiments


Third Grade Science:

Continue Invertebrates


Fourth/Fifth Science:

Start Chapter 5, Matter 

make models of clouds with cotton balls  






Kindergarten Social Studies:

America's First People  

The Spanish come to America 


First Grade Social Studies:

America's First People  

The Spanish come to America 


Second and Third Grade Social Studies:

Continue Daniel Boone

Write Journal Entry as someone living in Kentucky in 1775 

Video on Daniel Boone's life 


Fourth and Fifth Grade Social Studies:

Study India- religions and caste systems







Kindergarten and First Grade Music: 

Continue Moving with Rhythm 

Turkey in the straw  

Start learning the notes C, D, E using hand bells 





Second Step - Lesson 12:Managing Frustration


Bible Lesson: How does the Holy Spirit keep us in the faith?