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Follow our class on our closed Facebook group: Lab Coats & Microscopes. To find this, you search for "Lab Coats & Microscopes" and request to join the group. I will approve you and the fun will begin!!!  


We are so blessed as our Athletics program continues to expand.  With the expansion, we need more coaches and assistant coaches!  If you could support one of our Middle School Basketball teams, please contact Mr. Pappert our Athletic Director. 

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 28th - Picture Day!  

Oct 4th and 11th - Parent Teacher Conferences!  

Oct. 16th - Fall Fair!  


Specials this year will be:

Music -Wednesday

P.E.-Thursday (wear tennis shoes or you will lose participation points) 



Class Wish List:

(if you are able to donate any of these items, we would appreciate it! Thank you!)

13 gallon trash bags

foaming hand soap





 Tuesday/Thursday morning: Math

Wednesday/Friday morning: Writing Practice

Tuesday/Thursday afternoon: Independent reading

Wednesday/Friday afternoon: read aloud  






Lesson Topics for the Week of 9/21-9/24


Kindergarten Science:  

Review Unit 1

Farms and Cities posters 


First Grade Science:

Intro to Maps

Using a Globe  


Second Grade Science:




Third Grade Science:


Review Chapter 1 for Test next week  


Fourth/Fifth Science:

Continue Insects 






Kindergarten Social Studies:

Review Unit 1 


First Grade Social Studies:

Intro to Maps

How to use a globe  


Second and Third Grade Social Studies:


Native American Parfleche Craft  


Fourth and Fifth Grade Social Studies:

 Old World History and Geography

Chapter 2 Review

Study and be able to identify continents and oceans for quiz on Thursday

Friday: Quiz #2 over chapter 2 and identify and write continents and oceans  







Kindergarten and First Grade Music:

Up and Down the scale  



Grades 3-5

What is God's word?

How did God give His word to us?  

Second Step -Predicting Feelings 


Also, every Tuesday we will be introduced to a new Bible verse that goes with our Bible lesson. If student's can recite the verse to me by Friday, they get extra points! This week's verse is:


"Let the word of Christ dwell in your richly." Colossions 3:16