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Week of Jan 24-28, 2022

PreK - PC

Greeting Song:

Sing Hello

Chant and Echo:

Duple Rhythm Patterns

Sing and Echo

Major Tonal Patterns

Traveling Movement

 'Til the Music Stops

Focused Listening

Cuckoo Clock Sounding

 Dance, Scarves

Children's Symphony (L.Mozart)

Call and Respond

 The Cuckoo's Calling You

Rhythm Sticks

 In the Dock's

Singing Game

Debka Hora

2nd-5th Grades

Bach's Fight For Freedom - Video

 2-Part Round - Cuckoo Calling You, Fruitful Fields Are Waving

2nd/3rd: Recorders - Review BAG p.7-9

4th/5th: Recorders - CD p.10-13

  6th-8th Piano


Ode to Joy - p.24 (Correct rhythm, notes, fingering) - 40 pts

Theory book p. 4-9 - 110 pts (due 1/12) -10 pts if turned in late

  20 pts for corrections made/turned back in Theory p. 4 - 9.


Piano & Strings Recital 

Sun, March 20, 2022

OSCA - SM Campus

2:00 - 3:00 pm 

 Extra Credit given for Participation or Attendance