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Upcoming Week of December 11th - December 14th.


Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Holan’s Preschool class!

Week & Number :   17 

Theme:                   Christmas

Letter:                     Jj

Color:                      White

Shape:                    Heart

Bible Story:   Jesus

Bible Verse:  Blessed...are those who hear the word of God and keep it! (Luke 11:28)


Birthdays in December: 

Snacks & Happy Sack    

Tuesday      12/11     AM  -  Emma

                                 PM  -  Maxwell

Wednesday 12/12    AM  -  Penelope

                                 PM  -  Thad

Thursday     12/13    AM  -  Timothy

                                 PM  -  Jude

Friday          12/14    AM  -  William

                                 PM  -  No PM School


Did you know??

Did you know that OSCA recites the Pledge of Allegiance and prays together each morning?

To get a good start to our day, the 2nd-3rd grade class greets staff on the intercom system, and students lead the Pledge of Allegiance. They then help us sign the Star Spangled Banner. Next we pray for the students, teachers and families of OSCA. Our 2nd-3rd graders learn public speaking skills, and the younger students learn how to honor and respect the United States' flag.  Morning announcements help each of us focus on who is most important, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


- Jesus Birthday Celebration! Friday, December 14th beginning after morning announcements, Wear you PJ's to school and be ready to have some fun! If your child wants to bring a pillow they can use it during our movie. If you signed up for any party donation, you can bring in anytime.

-  Our Reading Program:  This week we had a lot of bucks coming in. I love all them coming in and they enjoy giving a star for every book they give me. Hopefully we will reach our third incentive; crazy hair/crazy sock day soon. Reading is memorable! Keep up the good work. December is a short month and a busy one too. Thank you for the time shared in reading. 

Upcoming Events

12/12 -           Chapel @ 9:30, offering collected

12/14 -           Christmas Celebration Pajama Party! Your child can                               wear their pajamas and they can bring a pillow for our                           movie.

12/14 -           Early dismissal at 11:45 before Christmas break.

12/19 -           Advent services at 6:30pm 

12/24 -           Christmas Eve "We Praise" service at 6:00pm 

1/2     -           School will resume!


From the Art Center: 

For the past three weeks we've been talking briefly in our art center about the artist Rembrandt. We focused mainly on two of his works he painted using text from the Bible as inspiration. The return of the prodigal son, and Jacob blessing Joseph's second son. We also studied his self portrait and remembered that the other artist we've studied so far who painted a self portrait was Vincent Van Gogh. This will be our last famous artist before the end of the year. We will begin our artist studies again in January. To recap, so far this year your students have studied works by Van Gogh, Monet and Rembrandt! 


Wish List:  

Mrs. Hall & Mrs. Holan