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Tuesday, February 18 at 3:45 - K-6th Grade Sport Stacking Club at the SM Campus

Wednesday, February 19 at 8:15 - Chapel and Student Awards Ceremony

                                           at 5:30 JAM: Jesus-and-Me in PC

*I didn’t get to turn in my student-nominee for the weekly student recognition held at chapel. Therefore, this week, nobody in my class gets a certificate. I am so sorry about this. I will have 2 student-awardees next Wednesday.


February 18 - February 21

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL:: The 7 Habits of Happy Kids (Sean Covey); We will talk about Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood

RELIGION: “Jesus Calms the Storm” Scripture Memory: Mark 4:39: Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and the waves to stop. He said, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind stopped, and the lake became calm (International Children's Bible version).


Math 1 - Kindergarten: Adding two-digit numbers using dimes and pennies; Telling time to the half hour; Dividing a square into fourths and coloring halves and fourths, Adding 10 to a number

Math 2 - First Grade: Adding three two-digit numbers with a sum less than 100; Subtraction facts (subtracting a number from 10), Creating a bar graph with a scale of two, Writing number sentences to show equal groups multiplying by ten


Whole Group Phonics Instruction - R-controlled vowels (We have learned about /er/, /ir/ and /ur/; We will talk about /or/ and /ar/ this week; We will also talk about/review inflectional endings this week ( -s, -es, and -ed and -ing).

Reader’s Workshop Mini-lesson: Activating schema (students will learn to use the K-W-L (Know-Want to know-Learned) chart as a pre-reading comprehension strategy).

Book Club will continue to meet on Wednesday and Friday this week. Each member has a brand new role this week. 

Writing: Paragraph Writing; Creating simple and compound sentences and incorporating varied types of sentences in writing


We are continuing our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) project on Plants & Biomimicry. One of the major objectives for this unit is for students to learn simple online research skills. Students will continue to design/create an innovative product using nature as inspiration. They will be taught effective ways to do research. Students will start using the school iPads to do their research this week.


fork, park, reading, fishes, jumped, arcade, story; Challenge words/Dolch sight words: been,they, please

Show and Tell Schedule

Tuesday: Michael, Peyton, Charlie

Wednesday: Lula, Ben, Zane

Thursday: Jonah, Lidia, Andie, Josh

Friday: Graycee, Easton, Atarah