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Mr. Greg Unruh Web Pages

7/8th boys' basketball


 Coach Unruh's 3 rules:


  1.   Be on time - (This shows respect)
  2.   Never criticize your teammate (positive version:  Build up and encourage your teammate).
  3.   No complaining.
  **If you are going to be late, please text or call me letting me know (I plan practices around 9 players, so this helps me adjust).

 **We will all fail or break one of the rules, let's not get down BUT instead encourage one another.


Season Objectives:


Play without fear.


 Small details are what make big things happen.


Hustle!!!  Makes up for any mistake.


Be more interested in your character than your reputation.


Be quick, but don't hurry.


Always look at getting better (Ask yourself:  How can I get better?)


No substitute for hard work and careful planning.