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Week of Sept 21 - 24     McGinniss Math




Tuesday TEST over Chapter 1; Essentials of Geometry

Hmk after test: Page 65; 1-10 all



Thursday Lesson: 2.1 & 2.2 Inductive Reasoning

       DON”T MISS TODAY! Complicated material!


Hmk: Page 75-76;   3, 6 – 16 evens; 22

            Page 83-84; 8, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23

Due date: Tuesday, Sept 28


Algebra II

Tuesday Lesson:  Review for Thursday’s Test (see FORMS to the left)

Video: No new video

Hmk: Look over all notes and then redo the Review we work on in class

          again on WEDNESDAY night!


Thursday Test over Unit 1   (maybe start on next unit?)


Advanced Math

Tuesday Lesson: Polynomials and Factoring Days 1 & 2


Hmk: Page 72; 1-75 odd (omit 55, 57)

Due date: Thursday, Sept 23


Thursday Lesson: Polynomials and Factoring Day 3

          We will work on a practice sheet for half the block and then have a

                    Quiz over the material during the 2nd half of the block. (See

 FORMS to the left)

Video: Refer to yesterday’s video if needed

Hmk: none





Week of Sept 14 - 17     McGinniss Math





Tuesday Lesson: 1.7 and 2.4 Area, Perimeter, Postulates


   Hmk: Page 52-54; #4-8 all, 12, 14, 27 Page 100; #14-23 all

   Due date: Thursday, Sept 16


Thursday Lesson: REVIEW for next Tuesday’s test over Unit 1

         In class review + page 64; 1-29 all

   Video: Go rewatch any videos covering any of the review

         questions you still need help with

   Hmk: Look over all review examples we did in class, go over all

         notes in your spiral from the whole unit. Do pge 64: 1-29 all

         Test questions are mainly taken from homework assignments

           and examples in your notes.

      TEST NEXT TUESDAY, Sept 21 over all material we’ve covered so far



Algebra II


Tuesday Pick up where we left off last week

   Lesson: Alg I Highlights Day 5: Solving 1-variable Inequalities

         Involving absolute values)

         VIDEO: Graphing Inequalities with Absolute Value - YouTube

              HMK; Absolute Value Inequalities worksheet (see forms to the left)

    Due date: Thursday, Sept 16



Thursday Lesson: Practice on all 3 types of Inequalities

   Video: no new video -

   Hmk: Day 6 Worksheet over all types of Inequalites (see FORMS to

         the left)

  Due date: Tuesday, Sept 21



Advanced Math

Tuesday Lesson: Day 5; Kuta worksheet over Radicals and Rational

         Exponents (see Forms to the left)

         + REIVEW for next week’s first major unit test

         Pages 101 – 103; 1-33 odd 37-85 odd

     Video: No new video. Refer to previous weeks’ video for review

   Hmk: Study all notes and hmk examples plus review sheet from today

            in preparation for the test

      Test on Thursday, Sept 16


               Thursday  Test over Pre-Requisites P1 – P4 in text




Week of September 7 – 10        McGinniss Math




Tuesday Lesson: 1.4 Measuring and Classifying Angles

Read, Study and Take Notes on: Pages 24-28


Hmk:   pages 28-304-6 even,     16-26 even,     27,30,40,42

Due date: Thursday,  Sept 9


Thursday Lesson: 1.5 Angle Pair Relationships

Read, Study and Take Notes on: Pages 35 – 38


Hmk: pages 38-40     #3-6 all, 8-16 even,      17-19 all,    30-33 all,       40,42

Due date: Tuesday,  Sept 14


Algebra II


Tuesday Lesson: Alg I Highlights Day 4: Solving 1-variable Inequalities        

                         (simple & compound)

Video:   (ignore the assignment at the end of

the video)

                   HMK:  Simple & Compound Inequalities worksheet (see FORMS to the left)

Due date: Thursday, Sept 9



Thursday Lesson Alg I Highlights Day 5: Solving 1-variable Inequalities involving

                     absolute values)

                     VIDEO: Graphing Inequalities with Absolute Value - YouTube

              HMK; Absolute Value Inequalities worksheet (see forms to the left)

Due date: Tuesday, Sept 14


Advanced Math


Tuesday   Lesson: Pre-Req Day 4 (part 1) Radicals


Hmk: Page 59; (practice exercises) 1-55 ALL odds

Due date:  Thursday Sept 9


Thursday Lesson: Pre-Req Day 4 (part 2) Rational/fractional exponents


Hmk:  Page 59; Practice Exercises 57 – 119 ALL odds

Due date: Tuesday, Sept 14





Week of August 31 – Sept 3    McGinniss Math


Tuesday Lesson: 1.2 Segments and Congruence

Read, Study and Take Notes on: Pages 9-11 or watch video


Hmk: Page 12-13: 1, 6 – 30 evens (SKIP #20)

Due date: Thursday, Aug Sept 2


Thursday: Lesson: 1.3 Midpoint and Distance


       HMK: Pages 19-20; 4-8 even, 12-22 even      26-38 even

       Due Date: Tuesday, Sept 7


Algebra II

Tuesday Lesson: :   Algebra Highlights Day 2:   Exponents Practice Worksheet

                    (see FORMS to the left)

          We will take a short quiz over exponents at the end of the block if time, If not we

will take the quiz on Thursday.

Video: refer to Tuesday video if needed

HMK:   Backside of Day 1 worksheet plus Day 2 Exponents Worksheet

Due date: Thursday, Sept 2


Thursday  QUIZ over Exponents (if you don’t do well, I’ll send you an extra practice

worksheet to work as well as homework below)

Lesson: Day 3: Expressions, Combining, Solving


Hmk:  Page 33; 7-15 odds       Page 38; 7-17 odds;      Page 116 ; 23, 24

          Page 120 ; 23, 25                   

Page 7 ; 27, 28, 29                Page 34 ; 30      Page 39 :26

Due date: Tuesday, Sept 7



Advanced Math

Tuesday Lesson: : Pre Req Day 2 Basic Rules of Algebra

          Watch video or read and take notes on Pages 20-28


Hmk: Pg 29; 1-75 (odd)   Check answers in the back of the book for understanding

Due date: Thursday, Sept 2


Thursday Lesson: Properties of Exponents

Video: (positive exponent properties)

                 (zero and negative exponents and scientific


Hmk: Page 43; 1-105 eoo (24 problems)

Due date: Tuesday, Sept 7







   Week of August 24-27                     McGinniss Math






Tuesday Welcome back! First day back organizational activities


Thursday Lesson: 1.1 Points, Lines, Planes

   Read, Study and Take Notes on Pages 2-5


   HMK: pgs 5-7; 1-11 all 14-22 evens

   Due Date: Tuesday, Aug 31


Algebra II

Tuesday Lesson: Welcome back! First Day back organizational activities


Thursday Lesson Algebra I Highlights; Exponents Day 1

   Video: (Do the hmk below - not what is indicated

   `   on the video)

   Hmk: Properties of Exponents Worksheet #1-16 (front side only)

   Due date: Thursday, Aug 26


Advanced Math

Tuesday Lesson: Welcome back! First Day back organizational activities


Thursday Lesson Pre req Day 1


Hmk: Page 16; 1-13 eoo 21-105 eoo

Due date: Tuesday, Aug 31