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Mr. Joseph Toma Web Pages

Thank you every one working hard in the class on sheet music individually


if you playing Piano saxophone the clarinet, trumpet xylophone

check with Mrs. Reineke’s chalkboard

These are individual lessons, based on the level that they are on


 check, Miss Reineke‘s chalkboard for piano instructions also instructions in band and voice 


Violin group:

1-if you have essential element book one ( practice page 10-12) (23-26 )

2-if you have  basics 22-25 


3-if you’re playing Suzuki book1 Minutes no 3



ukulele group

1-way maker

2 How far I’ll go

3 up Disney song

4. Riptide  


guitar group

If you didn’t bring your  guitar and book? Make sure you bring them next week.

Work on page 10-13 publisher by Hal Leonard book 1 

Practice half hour, a day or every other day at your home


for those who doesn’t have guitar book you click on the link below and work on page 2 please for this coming week 



Drum group

 Practice page 16 and 17 ( drum-set method 1 by Hal Leonard)