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Ms Kathleen Mansker Web Pages

Ms. Mansker’s 4th Grade Class - (Previously Ms. Layton's)

Note from Ms. Mansker: 

**Spelling Lists have been posted for this week and next.  

Please have your child bring in the following to school before next Tuesday  (12/11)

  1. Wallet-sized picture of themselves ( 2 x 3.5 )
  2. Average-sized shoe box 
    1. (preferably without many holes or handles)

Hello Everyone! 

A special thank you to Mrs. Pappert, Mr. Pappert, Ms. Albright and Ms. Wolf for reorganizing my room and painting it. It looks and feels like a new classroom! Extra special thank you to Ms. Wolf for generously donating two whiteboards to the room as well. The kids love the room. Thank you! 


A few notes from the classroom: 

  •  As Christmas approaches, the sweet children have been inquiring about what I want for a gift. If they insist on getting a gift, please see the Classroom Wish List below. Often times these are things that the students ask for:
    • Dry erase markers (skinny and broad tipped) (Target Up&Up show up the best)
    • Board games  (especially educational)
    • Candy - for trivia questions / rewards - Jolly Ranchers
    • Books for the classroom library (new or used!) (SAVERS is cheap!)
      • If you tell SAVERS that they are going to a school - they will give you 50% off!
    • Individual desk items:   
      • Personal sharpeners 
      • Mechanical Pencils 
      • Pencil pouches 
      • Hand sanitizer or wipes 


Please have your student bring these items to class daily: 

  1. Filled Water bottle  (many students have been missing these lately)
  2. AM & PM snack 
  3. Plates and utensils for lunch  
  4. Blue (take home) folder
  5. P.E. Shoes on Thursday
Ms. Mansker - Week of December 11th - 14th
Subjects, Assignments, & Tests 

Any work that is not completed in class will be considered homework to take home.  

  1. Religion 
    1. Chapters from  Luke & Matthew   (Reviewing the birth of Jesus)
    2. Voyager Curriculum 
  2. Math:
    1. Multiplication ( 4 digit by 1 digit )
    2. Review regrouping, borrowing, multiple-digit multiplication, previous topics 
  3. Science:
    1. Strand 4: Changes in Ecosystems and Interactions of Organisms with their Environments
      1. Missouri Habitats 
      2. Recycling 
  4. Social Studies 
    1. US History - Reviewing Important Figures in Ch. 1-5
  5. Language Arts 
    1. Hatchet Ch. 8 
    2. English -  Reviewing Unit 1 
      1. Pg. 74 - 79   (1-18) Write the words only 
      2. Pg. 76 - 77    (1-8) 
      3. Pg.  78 - 79   (1-6) 
  6. Social Skills: (2nd Step Program)
    1. Listening with attention - Continued 
Spelling Words: (New list is sent home in their take-home folders).

 Lesson 16 Spelling Words Test Friday - December 14th

Spelling words are now posted under the forms and documents tab. 

You can access the weekly list by clicking on the document. It may download in the bottom left hand corner.  


Upcoming Events:

December 14th - Last Day of School (Christmas Party)

  •  Students can bring a special snack, treat, or small gift for the class 
  • (Preferably something not too messy; minimal sprinkles, glitter, etc.)