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March 2-5

K/1: Continue work with shapes (3D, divide into 2 or 4, use small shapes to make a larger shape)

2/3: Shapes (recognize and catagorize them). Continue work with division.

4/5: HW: Before March 2nd, spend 20 minutes playing a game of your choice on this web-site:

If you do not have access to the internet, use flash cards to practice multiplication and division.

Continue work dividing fractions. Turn fractions into decimals.




February 23-26

K/1: Identifying shapes

1st grade HW: Due Feb. 23 double sided wkst: shapes/subtraction

2/3: We will continue to work with division.

HW: Due Feb. 23 subtraction wkst w/regrouping.

4/5 Continue fraction work.

HW: Due Feb. 23 two-sided wkst (find fraction of a number and improper to mixed; mixed to improper)

This web-site will help if you get stuck on hw:







Thank you Don Juan family for the new dry erase markers!

Winter Weather Learning for Feb. 16:

K and 1st:

If you can print this 120 chart, your child should practice counting by a given number.

They should count by 2’s by coloring those numbers yellow. (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.)

5’s blue         10’s red       25’s green

When they come to a number that has already been colored, they can circle it. (For example, 10 would be colored when counting by 2’s. 5’s, and 10’s.) 

If you can not print the chart, they can write the numbers needed to count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s on a peice of paper. For example: by 2’s: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. up to 120.

1st grade should complete the 120 chart and this:

You will not need to print the second page as it is the answers.

If you can not print it, children can write the answers on a seperate peice of paper. Remind them to watch the signs as there are subtraction and addition problems on this page.

2nd and 3rd:

If you can print this, children should complete #1-6. The third and fourth pages are the answers so they do not need to be printed. If you can not print this, students can write the answers on seperate paper.

4th and 5th:

Complete the following wksts. If you can not print them, write the answers on another sheet of paper.

The second page has the answers so it does not need to be printed.



Feb. 16-19

K/1: Shapes (identify, name # of sides)

Continue work on basic facts and counting coins.

2/3: Division-what is it and how does it releate to


HW: Mult./division fact families wkst. Due 2-23

4/5: Fractions-changing from mixed numbers to improper fractions and back again. Begin multipliying and dividing fractions.

HW: wkst to review our work with fractions Due 2-23




**Updated for Feb. 9-12 Winter Weather days

Suggested plan; adjust as needed for your families’ needs.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

K: count coins (w/ baggie)

1st: count coins (w/ baggie)

2nd: Complete subtraction wkst front and back (if it did not come home, your child has completed it)

3rd: Complete subtraction wkst front and back (if it did

not come home, your child has completed it)

4/5: Mixed practice pages 336   **my error; 337 is not printed.  Just complete one page of 336.

Thursday, Feb. 11

K: write numbers 0-20 three times each

1st: front and back of first money worksheet

2nd: Complete common pairs/common #s wkst.

3rd: Complete 113A; complete common pairs/#s wkst.

review multiplication facts

One possible web-site:

4/5: Lesson 72 pg. 338. Read New Concept then complete Lesson practice and Mixed practice

Friday, Feb. 12

K: write number words zero-twenty two times each

1st: front and back of second money worksheet

2nd: Lesson 106A wkst

3rd: Lesson 115A wkst

practice multiplication:

One possible web-site:

4/5: Multiplication Mosaic #6







Thank you to the Close and Campbell families for donating black Expo dry erase markers. We use them in the classroom almost daily!