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 May 11-14

K: continue with addition and subtraction strategies

Mrs. Baker found this game at a garage sale and the kids love it! It helps with hand-eye coordination, eye tracking/transferring, speed, memory and more! A link to the game is here:

1st: subtraction w/ regrouping

introduced to multiplication

No HW due May 11


2nd/3rd Multiplication facts

No HW due May 11


We will watch the movie, Hidden Figures May 11 and 12.

HW: Due May 11....Students should go to the web-site below and read about the three women the movie focuses on: Katharine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary W. Jackson. Go to the page labeled, Modern Figures Activities. Then scroll to the last one, Modern Figures. They can read about the women here. Students should also choose one of the other activities to read.

Thank you for trusting us with your children this school year! God has clearly had his hand of protection on us!