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Mrs Marcy Messer Web Pages

OSCA is excited to welcome Mrs. Messer to our teaching staff! She has degrees in English, History and training in Information Technology. She will be teaching English, Religion, and Independent Study. 

Please be in prayer for her as she transitions in!


English 11th / 12th

10/23 - Bring a topic for your Argumentation-Persuasion Essay as well as three scholarly articles over your topic and a thesis statement.

English 9/10

10/22 - Test over To Kill a Mockingbird. 

English 7/8 

10/22 Complete reading "The Most Dangerous Game." Finish character charts for both Rainsford and General Zaroff. 

Religion All Grades

10/23 Memory Verse: Psalm 9:11-12. Write your 5 x (one should be in cursive). What does it mean?