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Upcoming Events:

September 22nd - Chapel

September 28th – Picture Day

October 1st – Book Reports are due for 2/3 and 4/5

October 4th – Parent Teacher Conferences

October 11th – Parent Teacher Conferences

October 16th – Fall Fair Fundraiser

Book Reports: September Book Report - Due Friday OCTOBER 1st

Students will need to select a fictional book (story book) and it should be at their reading level. Students may borrow a book from my classroom library, or they may get one from the public library. They may not use a book that they have read before.

For 2/3, students should select a chapter book, even Henry and Mudge will work if it is at their reading level. Parents, please contact me if your child is struggling finding a book for their report.

For 4/5, you need to select a chapter book for this report.

HOMEWORK: Weekly Homework

K – No Homework

1st – Complete the Reading Comprehension worksheet that went home on Friday.

Spelling homework – Students need to pick 2 options from the 16 listed on the grid that should be in the back cover of their folders to do with the spelling words that went home. There are multiple groups based on spelling ability, please check their list carefully.

2nd – Spelling pick 2 and comprehension worksheet

3rd – Spelling pick 2 and comprehension worksheet

4th – Spelling pick 2 and comprehension worksheet

5th – Spelling pick 2 and comprehension worksheet

Week of 9/21 – 9/24

Topics Covered in class


K-2 Religion

God Blesses Abraham

Second Steps: Self-Talk for Staying on Task


K/1 Reading

Alphabet and Hand Signals

Letter: t

Kinders: Identifying letters and blending sounds


1st Grade: compound words

“The Bantam Spy Club”


2/3 Reading

Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends

Grammar – Good Sentences

Cursive t

Reading Groups:

Charlette’s Web ch. 15 - 18

“An Elf in the Swiss Alps”

“Wombat Rescue”

Spelling Groups – Please pay attention to your child’s group, there are 4 different groups!

Sharks: brag, strap, fled, glad, plum, slip, scan, swim, twin, stop

Octopus and Starfish: cram, shrub, split, skull, smell, sniff, spell, stuff, swell, twig

Dolphins: splash, squish, black, shrub, scrub, smoke, brown, trash, draft, flock

Whale: blanket, clover, plastic, blood, glitter, skunk, brush, prize, twelve, smile

Red Word – Words that kids should know but don’t always “fit” the rule

Again, it’s, our


4/5 Reading

Phonics: er and ow says /ow/

Grammar: run on sentences

Hatchet Ch. 10 - 12

Writing: Narrative Writing Drafting


Perhaps, lantern, sterling, overseas, versus, sundown, midtown, eyebrow, however, downcast

Red Words - Words that kids should know but don’t always “fit” the rule

Door, shoe,show

Wish List:

13 Gallon Garbage Bags

Extra Snacks

You guys are awesome thank you so much for donating to the classroom and school.



Please email me if you have any questions or concerns:

Facebook! If you are on Facebook and would like to follow my class, please search for Oh The Places We’ll Go with Mrs. Campbell. Then request to be added to this group. I will post pictures, information and keep you up to date in things happening in the classroom. This is an easy way for you to find out what is happening in the classroom.

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Specials Schedule:

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Art