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Upcoming Events:

Jan 23rd – K/1 Singing at the 11pm Church Service in Platte City

Jan 25th – Jan 28th National Lutheran’s School Week

Dress Up Days

Jan 25th – Creative day – dress as an artist/painter/crafter

Jan. 26th – Mismatch day

Jan. 27 – Hat Day

Jan 28th – OSCA spirit wear day or royal blue day

Jan 28th – Jan Book Report Due

Jan 31 – Feb 14th Pre-Enrollment! Reserve your spot for next year! Complete Enrollment Form and pay Aug Tuition (Details to come soon)

Feb 1st – Jan Book-It Due

Feb 15th – Open Enrollment – Waiting List from this year gets first dibs on all open spots

Feb. 18th – Tombola Fundraiser 5pm – 7pm Pasta Dinner $10/plate

Feb. 26th – Bowling Fundraiser 12pm – 4pm

April 28-30 – High School Production of My Fair Lady

Don’t forget to check the Special Teacher’s Chalkboard pages!


Valentines Day Party will be Tuesday February 15th.  Mrs. Burger is requesting all students bring in a wrapped shoe box for the kids to decorate during art class.


Mrs. Burger is also accepting valentine donations to decorate the boxes.



K – Spelling words – write them in sentences

1st – Spelling words – write them in sentences

Spelling homework for 2nd – 5th – Students need to pick 2 options from the 16 listed on the grid that should be in the back cover of their folders to do with the spelling words that went home. There are multiple groups based on spelling ability, please check their list carefully.

2nd – Spelling pick 2

3rd – Spelling pick 2

4th – Spelling pick 2

5th – Spelling pick 2

January Book Report is over a Nonfiction book. Students should pick a nonfiction book at their reading level and complete the handout; it will be passed out on Tuesday.

Book Reports are due Friday January 28th

Book-It – January Book IT

K/1 – Students need to read or listen to books. If a parent reads them a book they get 1 point, if the child reads a book they get 2 points. If you or your child reads a chapter book, for each chapter it is 1 point.

2-5: Students read for minutes. January goal is 400 minutes for the month. While that sounds like a lot, it's about 15 minutes a night.

January Book It is due Tuesday February 1st.

Week of 1/25 – 1/28

Topics Covered in class

K-2 Religion

Christ in All Things

God Created all things including YOU

K/1 Reading

Alphabet and Hand Signals


Kinders: Identifying letters and blending sounds

“Pet Ox”

“Tin Raft”

1st Grade: Sound of U as in Put

“Dragon in the Wagon”

Spelling Groups –

Rocket: box, ax, quit, fix, fox, six, mix, wax, max, ox

Comets: brag, crib, grad, drab, strip, glad, smell, twig, skip, swim

Red Words: Rocket and Comets: my, see, her

Stars: push, pull, full, put, bull, bush, bacon, wagon, dragon, lemon

Red Words for Stars: love, said, been

2/3 Reading

Phonics: ur

Grammar – Adjectives

Cursive v

Writing: Research Papers

I introduced Animal reports this week. The students each have an animal picked out for their report. Most of the work will be done in class but I may need some help gathering information for the students to do their research from. I have some books here and encyclopedias but if you can do a google search and either send me an article or print one for your child to bring to class that would be helpful. I generally type in “_____ facts for kids” this usually brings up facts kids can easily read and work from. The public library would also be a good source for books on animals

The three main categories they are looking for are: appearance, diet, and habitat.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy researching!!


“Oh, Brother”

“The Mailbox”

A Long Way from Chicago ch. 4

Spelling Groups

Sharks: turn, hurt, fur, purple, return, nurse, turtle, church, purse, curve

Octopus and Starfish: Thursday, burger, turnip, sturdy, disturb, blurt, hurdle, burden, surplus, occur

Dolphins: unhurt, furniture, surprise, picture, yogurt, turmoil, urgent, survive, turnover, turtle

Whales: unhurt, upturn, turtle, disturb, urgent, nursing, further, turnpike, security, courtesy

Red Words: whose, above, knock

4/5 Reading

Phonics: ue

Number the Stars chapter 7 & 8

Writing: Research Papers

I introduced country reports yesterday in class. Each student picked a country for their report. I have some information and encyclopedias in the classroom however you may want to do a google search with your child to find information on their country. I generally type in: “______ facts for kids” and it generally give easy to read information for kids. They can pick 3 main categories to research. Examples include: food, origin of country, culture, government, animals, sports, landscape, and landmarks.

Most of the work will be done in class but if they don’t make benchmarks I will suggest they take it home and work so they don’t get behind. The next 2 weeks will be researching.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Grammar: Adjectives


Gruel, value, argue, issue, refuel, unvalued, revenue, continue, avenue, pursue

Red Words: benefit, Fahrenheit, occasion

Challenge Words: influential, superglued, statuette, continued, fluency

Wish List:


Paper Towels


You guys are awesome thank you so much for donating to the classroom and school.