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If you are missing art participation points, do a piece of artwork outside of class and give it to me.


12/12 & 12/14 - Grades K to 4rd grade - Smithville and Platte City

Winter trees mixed media

12/12 - Grades 5-6 

Art stations

Go straight to your table and get supplies look at white board upon entry of class       

 Grades 7 & 8 - No class, early out

Aerospace Design:


Last class - modern rocket scientists and continue design instructions. 

Last week we did determine the motor size needed.

We discussed wraps and decided to wait on color schemes until done building. 

Extra credit for finding my orange rocket's nose cone.

You can retake the test by getting a study guide and taking the test without the book.  Schedule it with me please. 

Google Classroom up and running in is called OSCA Aerospace Design   56j5q0  

***  My policy has changed.  I no longer will allow personal computers and/or phones in class for our internet research except for JS who has Space Cad on his Windows computer


Timeline on TARC dates:

9/1/2018 - team registration opens

12/1/2018 - registration closes

4/8/2019 - qualification flight scores due 

4/15/2019 - 2019 finalists announced

5/18/2019 - 2019 National Finals Fly Off at Great Meadow, VA