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For Week of 5/10 - Last Week!


Art is a participation class.

ALL CLASSES - If you would like a higher grade due to absences, please submit  extra credit artwork done at home.  Or, you can write a 3 paragraph paper on a favorite piece of artwork.  Can email me artwork or bring to class.  


                             SmithvillePainting -

Tuesday & Thursday Block 4 / Upstairs in the donut room


Art Lab -  Projects due



Advertising & Art -

5/4 - Presentation of Food Truck

Middle School Art

Showing movement with lines


Platte City - Friday - 

  Early Out - No Art this week

  Thanks for sharing your creative moments with me. 


Virtual Learning Options:

folded pictures 

Colored Pencil Letters

Lots of options - pick one 

Doodle for Google is open again.  The theme is: "I take care of myself by..."  I will mail for you on March 1st. 




Paper Towels for school



Artwork and Creativity is as unique and different as we are as individuals.  I want my students to explore their own creativity and experiment but at the same time learn new techniques and be actively engaged a Fine Art elective.  For grading, Art is mainly a participation class.  I use the following acrostic for grading purpose and often use these letters in the grade book if I took away participation points due to behavior.

A = Actively Engaged

Was the student actively engaged a majority of the class time?  Did the student follow the directions and meet the goals of the lesson?

R = Respect

Was the student respectful of fellow students, the teacher and our building?

T = Tools

Did the student use our resources wisely and take care of them? This includes clean up. Did they safely use our art tools?