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Last day of Art.

Plan A is to make Art outside. 






7/8 & 6 - New project is alcohol inks


Labs of choice

1.  Small procreate artwork turning into vinyl stickers

2.  Paper mâché

3.  Layering watercolor to copy The Water Protectors


Platte City 

4/5 - We had fun flying rockets with you Friday.

         Edible color wheel 

2/3 -Edible color wheel

K/1 - Art stations





WISHLIST:  Progresso Woodless Colored Pencils & Shapies


What to do if you are absent:

Art is a participatory class.  If a student is not in attendance, I can not give participation points even if it is an excused absence.  However, I accept artwork done outside of class as make-up work for equivalent points.  Students may hand it in; put it in one of my 2 mailboxes; or email me a picture.  

Explanation for code in the comments when not receiving full class participation credit:

A= Should be actively engaged and following directions

R= Should be respectful to others

T= Art tools should be used properly