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726 Espanol Stock Illustrations, Cliparts and Royalty Free Espanol Vectors


 Bendita tu luz


ESPAÑOL A Spanish Buddies: Milly & Gaby, Avery, Peter & Isaac, Joe & Taylor, Jessica & Cynthia, Evelyn & Nadia, Sam & Kadyn



  1. learn how to tell time

  2. get really talkative in the Spanish chat

  3. participate in storytelling

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MARTES, 21 de marzo: DUE: Buddy Chat

  • We will add a few more words to describe personalities, review our story and add some dialogue to it.

JUEVES, 23 de marzo:

  • We will begin learning to tell time.


ESPAÑOL B Spanish Buddies: Hollis & Jackson, Kamryn & Evly, Naomi & Caleb, Logan & Lizzie, Juliet & Isiah


  1. begin learning how to use past tense

  2. get really talkative in the Spanish Chat

  3. participate in storytelling and story writing

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MARTES, 21 de marzo: DUE: Buddy Chat

  • We will work to finish the story, adding some new vocabulary and dialogue.

JUEVES, 23 de marzo:

  • We will begin translating the story from present to past tense.


ESPAÑOL C: Ellyn, Julia, Hanna, Audrey, Jacob




      1. work independently, quickly, and with greater confidence

      2. listen, write and translate with a greater variation of sentence structure and more advanced vocabulary

      3. personal investment in increasing speaking time, fluency and quality of language


MARTES, 21 de marzo: 

  • You will collaborate today on telling a story using the new vocab from La Paella Loca, Julieta Venegas' Limon Y Sal, and one of the chapters of the story about Nuria and Alicia. This will be a fun but also challenging activity. The story needs to have: 1. an interesting dialogue, 2. well-developed characters, 3. good narrative arc. This will be a week-long project. The story will be 3 typed pages long. You will use storyboarding to develop your storyline, will divide into groups to accomplish different parts of the story, and generally speaking will need to collaborate well and efficiently. The rough draft of the story should be completed on Tuesday, with revision, expansion and final polish reserved for Thursday.

JUEVES, 23 de marzo: