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Introduction to Teaching - Dual Credit  

08/20 and 8/22 - Review your notes from class.  Be ready to continue having fun!  

2050 Classroom with paragraph is due on 8/20 at the start of class.   


English 11th / 12th 

8/21 and 8/23 - Quiz over what has been read in Tues w/ Morrie.  

All worksheets are due.  They include Characterization sheets (2), and the assignment that Mr. Pemberton did with you in my absence on Friday.  

Be ready for some fun interviewing and we will begin our story plot.  

Tuesday's With Morrie




Try Again

Points Possible

Conflict Identification

Student identifies correct major conflicts and uses strong, clear textual evidence to support choice.

Student identifies correct major conflict and uses few or unclear details to support their choice.

Student identifies incorrect major conflict, and uses some details from the text to support their choice.

Student does not attempt to identify major conflict or identifies incorrect major conflict with no explanation.


Plot Diagram 

Student clearly shows all elements of Plot: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.  

Some elements of plot are represented or perhaps mislabeled.  

The student has clearly missed elements of plot.  

Little or no attempt was made to show all elements of plot or there was a disregard for the work.  


Understanding Outcome

Student clearly shows the outcome of the conflict and its effects on the protagonist with evidence from the text.

Student shows the outcome of the conflict and its effect on the protagonist, but some evidence is unclear.

Student shows the outcome of the conflict, but does not examine its effect on the protagonist and uses some vague textual evidence.

Student does not clearly show the outcome of the conflict or use textual evidence.



Storyboard includes all required characters and clearly names them. Goes above and beyond by adding additional details.

Storyboard includes all required characters and clearly names them.

Storyboard includes protagonist and antagonist but leaves out other required characters.

Storyboard does not include the names of required characters.



Student clearly shows effort to convey the setting the scene of the book

Student attempts to convey setting and scene of the book, but lacks some clarity.

Student does not clearly convey the setting and scene.

Student makes little or no attempt to convey the setting or scene.


Spelling and Grammar

Student uses exemplary spelling and grammar. There are no errors.

Student makes a minor error in spelling and grammar.

Student makes several minor errors in spelling and grammar.

Student makes many errors in spelling and grammar; little attempt at spellcheck


Total Points Possible



Religion All Grades


Biblical Study:  Jer. 23:16-29

Fully Lutheran: Luther's Morning Prayer (did you memorize it?)

Memory Work: Jer. 23:29  (Due the following Wednesday)

What does this mean? Due the following Wednesday

Hand In:  Hebrews verse and what does this mean + 2 worksheets (2 scripture verses chosen and 3 questions)