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 Friends - Drama Information - Week of March 21

Pictures are March 21 and 23 for everyone.  

Dress rehearsal on March 21.   

Biology 9 thru 12th Grades - Week of March 21

You will have your unit exam 3-24. If you have missed class, be sure to get notes from a classmate.  Exam will be over all notes, vocabulary and labs.  If you missed the strawberry lab, see below.   Bring to class on 3-22 your completed genetically modified fruit, vegetable or animal.  You can draw, use an existing picture or photo shop your own.   Write a paragraph each on the positive and critical aspects of the mutations you created.  


Strawberry Lab Makeup - Write a 1 page essay on Downs Syndrome and how understanding DNA is vital to treating it.  Include a definition of the syndrome and what we have learned over the years.  Do not cut and paste information, whereas plagiarism will result in a failing grade for my class.  Cite your information and resources.  Essay should be typed written, 12 point font, double-spaced.  It is due on March 22 at the start of class.