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Chemistry 9-12th Grades for the Week of SEPTEMBER 21 thru 24

1.  No homework.  


Religion 6-12th Grades for the Week of SEPTEMBER 24

1.  Field Trip.  See below for details. 

Field Trip Information

Who - 6-12th Grades 

Where - Heritage Days in Jamesport, Missouri  

Why - To better understand the Amish community and experience the culture;  Religion; Understanding Denominations; History

When - September 24, 2021

Itinerary - Depart SM campus at 8am; Arrive 9:45am; Restroom break 9:45 - 10am; Produce Auction 10 - 11am; Eat Lunch 11am - noon; Spillman Center for Heritage Days Exhibits noon - 2pm; Depart 2pm; Arrive back on SM campus by 3:15pm

Cost - $30.00 per student (scholarships available) due by September 10th payable to OSCA. Give your check to Mrs. P.

Bring - Disposable sack lunch and disposable drink

Additional Details -

  1. We have secured a luxury charter bus through Arrow.
  2. All seniors will travel together in the school van.
  3. No classes will be held on Sept. 24th. Watch Chalkboard for any reassignments.
  4. Field experiences are a privilege. You represent OSCA. Best behavior and witness are expected at all times.
  5. Students may bring spending cash to use at vendor booths.  Staff are not responsible for money.  The Amish community has the best pie and cinnamon rolls anywhere in the state.  If you send it, they will spend it.