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Update 3/18/23

Elementary & Middle School Announcements 

Spring Break April 4 - 7


Middle School Music Information  

Violine, Ukulele, Guitar and Drums please refer to Mr. Toma's Chalkboard. 


Piano Students  

Advanced Piano "Sonatina" Beethoven measures 1 - 32 Focus on measures 9 - 16 & 25 - 32


Beginning Piano

Book pages 42-43, 44-45, 46-47, & 48. Each student is working at there own pace. 


Band Students 

Students please practice and remember to bring your instrument to school on Fridays. 


6th - 8th Grade Saxophone starting page 9.

6th - 8th Grade Trumpet  starting page 9.

6th - 8th Grade Clarinet  starting page 9.

6th - 8th Grade Mallets  starting page 9. 


Vocal Students 

"Inscription of Hope" All voice students working on a 2 part song.

"Inscription of Hope" Both parts

"Inscription of Hope" Soprano

 "Inscription of Hope" Alto

"Inscription of Hope" Accompaniment


Students are picking out a pop song to work on individually and with a partner.





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