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October 15 - October 18 

Devotion - Lesson 10: Joseph Becomes a Leader

Scripture Memory Verse: Review

Chorus: Jesus Loves Me

Circle Time - Social Emotional - Lesson 9:  Empathy - Same or Different?

Language Arts: Personal Narratives - Learning to create a beginning, middle, and end to a story while also focusing on our action words.

Math 1 - Kindergarten: Identifying Lighter and Heavier, Doubles, Pattern Blocks, Math Facts, and Written Assessment. 

Math 2 - First Grade: Reading a Thermometer, Doubles Plus 1, Counting Dimes and Pennies, Geometric Shapes, and Missing Addends. 

Phonemic Awareness:  Whole Group Activity: Rhyme Production - Roll a Rhyme.

Reading Focus: Review and introduce /f/ and letter /n/.  Guided Reading Book(s) A Hot Rod in a Rut and A Fin in the Fog. We have almost reviewed our entire alphabet, once completed, we will begin breaking out into level appropriate small groups.

Science: Sun - Create a Sunshine Book and Popsicle Stick Puppet.

Social Studies: Voyage to the New World - Create a Mayflower Model and Trunk to Pack for the New World.


Green Words: fat, fib, fad, fob, Don, pan, not, chin. First Grade Challenge Words - finish, fantastic, noble, nourish.

Red Words: And, To, Two, Too  

First Grade Sentences: Is it bad to fib?  The cop can nab the man.

Show and Tell Schedule 

Tuesday: Ben, Peyton, Sabrina

Wednesday: Lula, Atarah, Zane, Charlie

Thursday: Jonah, Lidia, Andie, Josh

Friday: Graycee, Easton

 Primary Antics with Mrs. Sapp