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Physical Education - a.k.a. PE!!


K-5th Grade 


PE classes continue to progress adding new skill sets, challenges and teamwork to each lesson. We are off to a great 2nd semester!


We work to improve our individual skills whether it be the first time learning them or bettering ourselves with each practice.  


Team work, team competition and good sportsmanship are expectations for every student.  Everyone rises to the occasion making PE a great learning adventure.


End of the Year - Play Day!


As we wind down the year and our energy burning, game playing, physical skill building, competitive fun, physical education classes come to an end, I have planned a FUN Play Day event. Please see the date(s) below.
There may be water involved :).. Please make sure your kiddos pack a change of clothes (and maybe even a spare pair of shoes) for school on this day. They may need to change after our activities!
Play Day Event:
Wednesday, 5/11

Play Day Alternate Date (if weather doesn't cooperate on Wed 5/11):
Thursday, 5/12