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For the week of March 21, 2023


Math 7/8


          Objectives: Algebraic Terms

          Homework:  Pg. 573 A – H; Pg. 576 #28-30 (Due 3/23



          Objectives: Order of Operations with Signed Numbers; Functions

          Homework:  Pg. 581 A – H; Pg. 584 # 25 - 29 (Due 2/28)   


Math - Pre-Algebra


          Objectives: Review 13-1 & 13-2

          Homework: None



          Objectives: Multiplying Binomials Review

          Homework:  None


Wednesday: Block 1 & 2

          Objective:    The Atmosphere (Test Chapter 7)

          Homework: None


Friday: Block 1 & 2

          Objective:    Weather: Water Vapor and Air Masses

          Homework: WS 8A (Due 3/29)


Home Cooking

Participation Points: not following directions, talking instead on item, playing around, or not working as a team will cause loss of points.



          Objective:    Research Baking (Side Dishes)

          Homework:  Reflection on Main dish last week

                                3 recipes using baking as a side dish (Due 3/24)




          Objective:    Cooking In Kitchen

          Homework:  None

Life Skills

Participation Points (not following directions, talking instead of working, playing around, or not working as a team will cause loss of points for participation)


          Objective:    Relationships Test

          Homework:  None



          Objective:    Healthy Hobbies

          Homework:  None





Holy Week and Easter Services:


April 2nd, Palm Sunday 9am PC; 10am SM; 11am PC


April 6th, Maundy Thursday 6:30 at both PC and SM


April 7th, Good Friday 6:30pm PC and SM


April 9th, Easter! He is risen indeed!  9am PC; 10am SM; 11am PC