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Information to gain a good grade for both electives: Please read each task in your assignment carefully. The task will have a set of bullet points that must be completed. The usual terminology used is: You will need to include, You will need to complete... There are three mark bands. The wording used in each mark band is slightly different that gives guidance to how students will be awarded points. The students have a copy of the full assessment sheet for more clarification. Note -If a student completed all the tasks but they only illustrate a basic understanding/ lack of effort the student could fall into MB1. To move up the mark bands the student needs to show Sound (good) knowledge/ understanding or Comprehensive (detailed) knowledge/ understanding of the given task.


Basic knowledge & understanding. Some of the task has been completed


Sound knowledge and understanding. Most of the task has been completed


Comprehensive knowledge and understanding. All of the task has been completed


Culture of England:

We are learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot. From the lessons you will be taking notes and then creating your own story to be told to the 5th/6th graders.

Extended Project Elective:

For the next three weeks on Tuesday and or Thursday I will want you to give me an outline on what you have completed, what your aims are for the following week and an up to date account of your bibliography.